The Gülaylar Group companies operate in a head office, located in Cağaloğlu-Nuruosmaniye, which is labeled as Turkey’s and Istanbul’s commercial gold center. The head office, totaling 2500 square meters, has on its first floor, Wholesale Gold Company’s showroom, in 1000 meters on another floor the production and R&D activities, and in the last 1000 square meters the administration offices.

In the Gülaylar Group’s head office, are the Monetary Chancellery, Finance. Information Technologies, Planning, Work Improvement, Corporational Communication, Marketing and Human Resources departments which are administrated with a modern management vision that seeks to create synergy in drawing and mapping the strategies of the Group.

The Gülaylar Group’s aspiration is, by embracing a human-oriented management and reaching “world standards” in every sector that it is in, to become an exemplary group of which everyone would like to be a member; a partnership in which everyone can feel proud.

Underlying this thought is a global philosophy, sensitive to innovation and quality, which transmits its experience to technology and human resources. Parallel to the changing conditions in the world, we, as the Gülaylar Group, are aware of the need to adapt to changing circumstances, to apply high technology, global competition and new opportunities to business life; and we are also conscious that if we want to achieve those goals we need to apply a politics of human resources which is always open and welcoming to change.

The corporation which values the qualified employee and which manages to keep that employee and helps him/her to improve his/her skills will surely be ahead of its competitors. As a group acknowledging this significant truth, we are preparing ourselves for the future by significantly investing in technology, and human resources (intellectual capital).

We believe that besides having an educated and experienced work force, it is equally crucial to work not as individuals but as a team.

Integrity and self-esteem are the foremost and indispensable values for the Gülaylar Group.

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