New York, IGT Shopping Mall

Gulaylar Group has been sustaining its operations since 1998 in the New York, USA.

New York, IGT Shopping Mall

Behind the structuring and success of Gülaylar Group in the US market for nearly 25 years, in the emergence of the New York, IGT Shopping Mall project, there is a sectoral diversification in its activities and making a difference in these sectors with its high corporate experience and experience.

The Group has also directed its knowledge and experience in the US market to real estate investments as a result of the significant potential of the real estate markets in the USA, especially in the New York region. Focusing on developing projects on commercial real estates especially in New York, the group most recently implemented the New York IGT Shopping Mall project.

Gülaylar Group, which bought all the commercial floors in the 46-floor office building named International Gem Tower (IGT), built by Extell Development company, one of the most important real estate development projects in New York City, launched the Specialized Shopping Mall project, which was developed by combining the first 3 floors of the building. Between Manhattan's famous 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue in New York 60 tenants operate within the IGT Shopping Mall, located in the 47th Street Diamond District. IGT Building is one of the 2-3 buildings in New York, which has the free zone status (Foreign Trade Zone) in New York and has free zone rights authorized by the US Govermant.

Adding 25 years of experience gained in New York to its deep-rooted experience of nearly 100 years, Gülaylar Group's international success lies behind its international corporate process management philosophy, which is competitive, innovative, sensitive to technology, human resources and total quality.